As his name says, the BRITTANY SPANIEL comes from Brittany.  He is a stocky and compact elegant small dog, however sturdy, with dynamic movement and intelligent physiognomy.  At first, he was recognized for his hunting abilities.  He is the smallest   of the breeds known as versatile gun dogs.  The BRITTANY SPANIEL is a complete gun dog, fast and lithe, pointing and retrieving equally well in open country and thick cover or uneven grounds, on land or in water.  With his head high and not near the ground, he points and holds game birds ( partridge, woodcock, quail and snipe).
He is admittedly a great gun dog, but the BRITTANY SPANIEL is also a great companion.  One can see it in his eyes and his behaviour is a constant reminder. Brittanys have passed the test upon every type of game for which pointing dogs are used. They have the disposition of the best house dog. They excel in the field, obedience, agility and show rings, and make excellent therapy dogs. They are happy, alert and intelligent, and require a home with an active lifestyle.

HEIGHT AT WITHERS: a compact frame dog measuring between 17.5 and 20.5 inches at the shoulder.   COAT: The BRITTANY SPANIEL has a white spotted coat.  These spots come in a variety of colors: orange, liver, black or tricolor.  Note however that the black spotted ones are not allowed in official show rings.  The color of the nose and eyes   must be similar to the breed's aforementioned official colors.

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